Activate automatic protection to shield your services from malicious attacks

As the Anti-DDoS system for Alibaba’s e-commerce businesses, including Tmall and Taobao, Alibaba Anti-DDoS provides cloud-based security services to safeguard your assets. As the Channel Partner of Alibaba Cloud, Microfusion helps you implement Alibaba Anti-DDoS solutions to ensure you have a strong defense system for your apps and applications.

9 Key Features of Alibaba Anti-DDoS

Alibaba Anti-DDoS Premium (International edition) is a data-driven, machine learning-based security network. It is capable of automatically mitigating DDoS attacks. This will help enterprises reduce costs on defense systems and ensure your assets are safe and sound.

Global Near-source Cleaning

With distributive technologies, DDoS attacks are automatically diverted from the sources to the nearest cleaning centers for data filtering. It not only consolidates and maximizes defenses but also tackles emergencies with backups stored in multiple databases.

Comprehensive Protection

Unlike Anti-DDoS Premium IP services in mainland China, Anti-DDoS Premium (International) services are based on global near-source cleaning capability and are committed to boundless protection for every client.

Safety Protection Reports

Anti-DDoS Premium (International) services issue real-time traffic reports as well as detailed notifications about attacks and defenses, which keeps you informed about the business’ security status in a timely and accurate manner.

Have IP Resources All to Yourself

Anti-DDoS Premium (International) services offer every client a distinctive Anycast IP. The IPs are separated from each other such that businesses can be free from collateral damage and benefit from strengthened protection.

Easy Deployment (10-minute deployment)

There are two ways of diverting network traffic to the Anti-DDoS network -DNS resolution and IP*. Users do not have to install any additional software or hardware, and they may complete the setup in 10 minutes.

Capacity in Bandwidth

In mainland China, Alibaba Anti-DDoS serves as a secure network with 8 Tbps mitigation capacity, it also serves more than 2 Tbps mitigation capacity for Hong Kong, Taiwan and the rest of the world.

Hiding Original Server IPs

This Anti-DDoS system hides your original server IPS to prevent malicious attacks directed to your IP, thus ensuring the security and quality of your services.

Intelligent Protection

Anti-DDoS defense system diverts traffic through DNS and automatically initiates protection when attacks are detected. Users can modify the settings to suit their needs and ensure all services on the cloud are being protected

High Stability and 99.99% Availability

99.99% cleaning availability to filter all traffics, and ensure server CPUs, and RAM are safeguarded. A single port of failure (SPOF) can be avoided, support elastic architecture, auto-scaling, ensure servers, CPU, and RAMs are being protected, check all servers to know the source of visitors, and automatically switches to backup servers when potential threats are detected.

How it Works

When under attack, Alibaba Anti-DDoS system will transfer the traffic to scrubbing centers. The filtered traffic will be sent back to the original server and ensure the services will not be disrupted by the attacks.