Google Workspace 常見問答

Got questions on how to use Google Workspace? Here’s some FAQs to help you get more familiar with Google Workspace.

Why is there a free version and paid version of Google Workspace? What is the difference? What is Vault? Will the relocation process shut down or interrupt operations? Will there be a flood of problems after just having introduced the system?

No need to worry. Microfusion knows that enterprise customers have many doubts when migrating to new IT systems. That is why we carefully sort out frequently asked questions, or FAQs. In addition to Google Workspace, our FAQs cover other important topics, such as Google Meet Hardware and Google Workspace for Education, to help you articulate and solve your problems.

Multiple, flexible solutions from Google Workspace – Before purchase

What is the difference between Google Workspace’s Gmail and the free version of Gmail?

Exclusive domain names for enterprise: The enterprise version of Google Workspace provides an exclusive corporate domain inbox name, for example: “” gives customers a professional first impression, even in the email address.

Google Admin backend management function: The powerful administrator backend allows the admin to control the enterprise information system with ease, including the use of email and storage space. Apart from ease, it can also be simple and clear, secure, and it can facilitate the management of accounts and data of former employees.

Cloud storage upgrades: Google provides 15GB of free space for general Gmail accounts. After upgrading to the enterprise-level Google Workspace account, storage varies from a minimum of 30GB with no upper limit, depending on the plan that you choose (*unlimited storage is only applicable to specific Google Workspace editions and with minimum purchase limit).

What is the difference between the free and paid versions of Google Meet?

Free version: Provides a video conference limit of 100 participants and a maximum of 1 hour.
Paid versions: Each plan has different restrictions. Video conferences can reach a maximum of 250 participants and 24 hours; and it also allows up to 100K-instance live broadcasts in the domain. (See the introduction to Google Workspace solutions for details)

What is Vault?

Vault is a tool of Google Workspace for information management and ediscovery, which allows you to perform retention, search, export, and set legal retention for users’ Google Workspace data.
Vault is suitable for the following data:
Drive files
Google Chat messages (the recording function must be turned on)
Google Meet records the content and respective instant messaging, Q&A, and opinion surveys
Google Web Forum Messages

What are the benefits of working with a reseller?

When the admin password is lost, we provide you with urgent rescue assistance, and the distributor’s engineers can immediately handle company mail system emergencies for you. Compared with Google’s original manufacturer support plan (with its complicated processes and procedures), Microfusion can solve your problems without undue delay (the level of technical support provided depends on the plan).

Google Workspace – During purchase

From data import and configurations, how long does it take to begin using Google Workspace?

That depends on the time of domain verification and MX settings. If your enterprise’s domain verification has been completed and no additional settings are required, importing can be completed within as little as 1 day. Since domain verification takes effect only after the decision of the hosting company, processing can be completed in a minimum of 30 minutes, though it could take as long as 48-72 hours.

When importing Google Workspace, will there be any downtime that affects normal operations?

No. In the preparation period, our team will design an appropriate operation process to avoid downtime. Beyond that, Microfusion’s professional architect team will also complete MX settings and transfer new mail to the Gmail server to avoid dropping messages. Furthermore, Google’s email send/receive services belong to different servers, so mail can still be received normally during relocation.

Will folders be synchronized during relocation?

Folders that have been set in Outlook in the past can be completely migrated through Google data migration from PST file, together with folder settings.

How long does it take to migrate email?

That depends on the number of accounts at your company and the total email volume. The larger those numbers, the more time it will take. In addition, network bandwidth will also affect the speed of the migration. Microfusion’s project team can draft a clear work schedule for you.

When is the appropriate time to migrate?

It is more appropriate to migrate mail after MX settings have been completed. Once settings are finished, it will not affect the sending/receiving status.

What are the ways to migrate data?

Google internally provides GSMMO/GSMME to assist in migrating from Outlook, Exchange, and other mail systems, to Google Workspace; or you can zip the file content into a PST file and upload it manually; Migration can also be carried out through third-party tools at additional cost.

How do we deal with the mail of former employees?

There are many ways to migrate mail, and Microfusion’s senior architects can provide the solution best adapted to your company’s environment.

Can the super administrator assign permissions from the backend?

Yes. Super administrators can assign permissions, add/delete users, and manage account security settings through Google Admin backend operations.

Google Workspace for Education – Before purchase

What editions are available in Google Workspace for Education? How should I choose among them?

Google Workspace for Education provides four plans for your organization’s choice:
Fundamentals: Provides basic communication and collaboration tools for school institutions and provides a series of teaching aids, such as: Classroom, Google Meet, Google Docs, and Google Forms.
Standard: While having all the tools that Fundamentals has, the Standard solution also provides advanced security functions and complete management control items, such as: Privacy & Security Center reports, Context-Aware Access, and other control items.
Teaching and Learning Upgrade: With Fundamentals at its base, this solution provides more powerful video communication services, such as: Using breakout rooms in Google Meet to track student attendance and other functions.
Google Workspace for Education Plus: Provides a full range of solutions for educational institutions.

Are there differences in permissions between faculty and students?

Standard: Students and faculty members are given separate permissions, but use the same functions.
Teaching and Learning Upgrade: Account permissions for teachers and students are the same.
Google Workspace for Education Plus: Students and faculty members are separately given permissions. Only users authorized by faculty members can broadcast video conferences. Other functions are the same for students and faculty members.

Is there a free trial for Google Workspace for Education?

Yes. Google Workspace for Education provides paid plans (Teaching and Learning Upgrade, Standard, and Education Plus) that provide a maximum of 50 licenses for new domain education users and a 60-day free trial period. This does not include Fundamentals, which is a completely free plan. Microfusion is a Google for Education Premier Partner and can help you apply for trial account and perform data migration services!

Which versions provide advanced remote video teaching, such as breakout rooms, attendance tracking, etc.?

If you want to use the advanced features in Google Meet, such as “polls, breakout rooms, attendance tracking, noise cancellation” and other functions, you can choose a plan that fits your school or institution: Teaching and Learning Upgrade or Education Plus.

Are there any differences in storage among the different versions of Google Workspace for Education?

All Education versions provide 100 TB of storage for common use by the school. Each Teaching and Learning Upgrade license provides an additional 100GB storage space. Each Education Plus license provides an additional 20GB storage space.

Google Workspace for Education – During purchase

How do I qualify for Google Workspace Education Edition?

An applicant to Google Workspace for Education must be a kindergarten, elementary school, national high school, or institution of higher education that is a formally-accredited which can bestow nationally or internationally-approved certifications at the primary, secondary, or tertiary level.

How long does it take to complete qualifications for Google Workspace for Education?

After you apply and verify the domain, Google will review your institution’s eligibility. The approval process can usually be completed within 14 working days.

What information is needed to complete a review for Google Workspace for Education?

A scanned copy of the official accreditation document stating the educational status of the institution.
Your name, contact email (not related to the Google Workspace account), and job title, position, or relationship with your educational institution.
The official website of your educational institution.

How long does it take to import Google Workspace for Education?

After the distributor assists your institution in submitting an application, your institution will receive an email from the Google Education team confirming the review document submission. You must reply to the letter within 24 hours for Google to begin the review. Approval and initialization can usually be completed within 14 working days.

How many paid licenses should I purchase?

Teaching and Learning Upgrade: There is no minimum purchase.
Standard and Education Plus: The minimum number is 50 licenses; the number of purchases must be calculated based on the number of full-time students enrolled at your institution. For instance, if your school has 1,000 full-time students, you must purchase at least 1,000 licenses. For every 4 student licenses purchased, 1 faculty and staff license is provided for free. Additional licenses can be purchased for other users who may need an account (such as alumni).

Google Meet Hardware

What is the difference between buying Google Meet Hardware on the Internet and buying it from Microfusion?

What Microfusion provides is internal ChromeOS functionality for customers’ Google Meet Hardware equipment, making it easier for customers to get started when they connect by themselves.

Do we need to purchase additional licenses for Google Meet Hardware?

At least one enterprise Google Workspace account and GMH license are required, and each piece of hardware comes with a license.