Secure and speedy connections to expand your business globally

Do you really desire to become a highly efficient multinational company, but you often encounter public network congestion, slow and unstable data transmissions, and even poor security when connecting in China or to other external regions?

Allow Microfusion to import Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) for you. We can help you create secure and high-speed connections to help you expand your global business!

Alibaba Cloud CEN helps you build CEN

Many global companies face challenges like low stability and security of cross-domain connections. This could lead to poor communications and low operational efficiency.

Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) can help you build a private network between the VPC and the VPC’s data center, thus realizing automatic routing distribution and learning and improving the rapid network convergence and the high quality and security of cross-network communication. Realize interconnections of resources throughout the entire network, and create an interconnected network at the enterprise-level with communication capabilities. As an Alibaba Cloud Gold Partner, Microfusion can help you realize a low-latency, high-redundancy cross-border connection solution for China!

Interconnections throughout the entire network

Any network service (such as VPC, on-premises IDC server room) that joins the cloud enterprise network can be interconnected with a private network.

Low Latency

The networks between any two ends use the shortest- and best-path private networks to communicate with each other, with high speed and low latency.

High Redundancy

There are at least 4 independent and redundant lines in the network between any two ends. Even if some lines are interrupted, the service will continue to operate without impact.

Network Management

Realize automatic multi-node, multi-route forwarding and learning, making routing faster and more efficient.

Bandwidth Sharing

Purchase bandwidth packages by region; inter-regional private networks can communicate with each other, allowing the bandwidth utilization rate to reach 100%.

Custom Management

Inter-regional bandwidth can be optimally allocated according to demand at any time.

Microfusion Industry Solutions

With Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network, Microfusion can help you expand your enterprise domain! No matter who you are:

An e-commerce or retail business owner that wants to recover business losses caused by communication gaps resulting from being out-of-sync with overseas base information;

A gaming company whose users have a poor gaming experience and has lost customers due to network delays and packet loss;

An overseas branch or IDC base of a multinational company who has internal network connection requirements, but wants to reduce the high MPLS costs;

The information industry mostly has a hybrid cloud architecture; and they are often troubled by data synchronization problems caused by unstable cross-cloud and cross-regional connections.

Microfusion can help make connections to domestic and overseas locations through the Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network. For e-commerce and retail businesses, the adoption of CEN allows them to synchronize all information. As for gaming companies, they can also utilize CEN to prevent latency and boost transmission rates.

We can also quickly deploy cross-border networks for multinational companies to connect to any region where Alibaba Cloud is located in China. You can enjoy the quality of a dedicated network without having to bear the huge costs and packed schedules. Alibaba Cloud’s multi-regional nodes can also be used to perform cross-border network connection services to connect to the public cloud, creating a full intranet connection for the needs of the information industry.

How it Works

Through CEN services, the enterprise connects the services of the cloud and on-premises or the external branch company to realize a cloud enterprise intranet. The external branch can also directly connect back to the headquarters, which is convenient for colleagues as well as IT management and maintenance.