I. Scope of Terms

When you visit the website or use our services hereof, you voluntarily provide necessary information to us and you may contact us to delete such information at any time. This Privacy Policy shall not be used for other purposes other than this website.

II. How we collect, manage, and use the information

We will process and use your personal information only within the following scope of specific purposes as you agreed upon:

  • When you submit an inquiry or register an event hosted by us, you will be required to provide the information including name, e-mail address, company names, titles and mobile for registration.
  • When you submit surveys, questions or any other forms, we will use the information you provided for further contact and as one of the references to modify our website.
  • When you visit this website, we will use your Cookies to track and collect the information including IP addresses, browsing time, types of browsers and history. All information will be used for improving user experiences only.
  • You may disable Cookies if you do not agree with the Privacy Policy. Please set the privacy settings of your browsers to the highest level to block the Cookies and please note that some of the services or functions will no longer be available once Cookies are disabled. 
  • To provide you with personalized experience, we will further analyze the collected information to engage in internal analysis and improvements and the collected data may be published in the form of texts if necessary. No personal information will be exposed. 
  • You agree to allow us to use the collected information for the following purposes: 
    • We may send you the information on the latest services, discounts or events in the forms of emails, phones, texts or newsletters. When you purchase our services, we will provide your information to related third-party companies or banks for billing purposes. 
    • We will use the information for the following activities, including but not limited to  marketing analysis, surveys or newsletters.
    • Any forms of agreement, including texts, e-mails, faxes, submissions on the webpage, whereof you agree to provide personal information with us for certain purposes.
    • We will provide, transform or exchange your personal information with any related websites, including this website and the websites of our Partners and Alliance members for the purposes of marketing. We and our partners and alliance will ensure your personal information is protected. 
    • Unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy or agreed by you, your information will not be provided to third-party organizations.

III. Exclusion of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the external links on Microfusion’s website.

IIII. Consent

When you use our services, you voluntarily agree to provide us with your personal information which shall be used in Taiwan and local regions only. We will be committed to protecting your privacy, and all data collected and used shall be compliant with related laws and regulations in Taiwan. 

VII. Changes of Privacy Policy 

We reserve the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy. If there is any change in this Privacy Policy, we will inform you (via e-mails or other forms) or publicly declare the latest version on our website. You may disagree with the latest version of Privacy Policy, but our services or the functions of this website might no longer be available for you.

VI. Your Rights

Regarding your personal information provided by you to us, you may submit the following requests to us by emailing to contact@microfusion.cloud: 

  • Request for searching or reading such personal information;
  • Request for duplicate of such personal information;
  • Request for supplement or correction of such personal information; 
  • Request for suspension from collection, process or use of such personal information;
  • Request for deletion of such personal information.

VII. Contact Information

If there are any queries on the use of Cookies or this Privacy Policy, please contact us by emailing to contact@microfusion.cloud