Tencent Cloud Anti-DDoS

Multiple protection solutions ensure secure service operations

Tencent Cloud’s Anti-DDoS services offer protection at three different levels: Anti-DDoS Basic, Anti-DDoS Pro, and Anti-DDoS Advanced (domestic version/global version). No matter what your needs are—price-oriented, security-oriented, or demand-oriented, Tencent Cloud can provide the solution that fits your needs. Microfusion is a partner of Tencent Cloud and we will help you implement the right Anti-DDoS solution for your business.

No configuration and no maintenance needed; DDoS protection is automatic

Tencent Cloud’s Anti-DDoS Basic services give you 2 Gbps (up to 10Gbps) of protection capability to meet the daily security protection needs.When attack traffic on the cloud server exceeds the set threshold, DDoS cleaning is started automatically to ensure availability and stability of your services.
Anti-DDoS Pro is for cloud products such as Tencent Cloud CVM, CLB, and NAT. It can immediately improve DDoS protection capability and meet the needs of multiple IP addresses that need increased defense bandwidth. In its defense principle, it sets high-defense IPs to divert traffic directly to the DDoS high-defense IP defense center for filtering. The clean traffic is then redirected to the source site. This solution also has advantages that ensure the stability and reliability of services:

No configuration and no maintenance needed

No configuration needed, and no need to purchase expensive cleaning equipment. Tencent Cloud automatically initializes basic DDoS protection services for its users, and when service traffic exceeds the set threshold, DDoS cleaning starts immediately.

DDoS Protection

With precise detection and cleansing that are built on feature recognition algorithms; Tencent DDoS protection offers effective defense against common DDoS attacks, such as SYN Flood and ICMP Flood.

CC (Challenge Collapsar) Protection

Through various analyses such as behavior and identity recognition, malicious visitors are accurately identified, and measures such as authentication mechanisms and access management are adopted to effectively prevent CC attacks.

Adequate Resources for Protection

With its 30 high-quality BGP bandwidth resource providers, Tencent Anti-DDoS solution can ensure the availability and stability of services and that user access speeds are not down-throttled in the event of a DDoS attack.

Real-time Detection

Tencent’s independently developed protection clusters and algorithms can monitor and discover malicious traffic in real time and enable DDoS protection in mere seconds.

Attack Management

Real-time display of malicious traffic and event information allow admins to immediately understand the current efficacy of protection.

How it works

If there is an attack, it will be directed to the DDoS server room for traffic cleaning. The clean traffic will then be sent back to the source server.

Tencent DDoS