Google Workspace Chromebook Chrome OS

Seamless collaboration for everyone

The main user interface of the Chrome OS cloud operating system is the Google Chrome browser, which embodies the concept of “network as a platform”. IT administrators at enterprises or schools can manage and configure their Chromebooks (laptops with built-in Chrome OS) using a single, cloud-based management backend, which includes enforcement of policies, setting of Chrome user functions, providing internal VPN and Wi-Fi access, and mandatory installation of Chrome apps and extensions, etc.

Chrome OS can meet the needs of enterprises and schools for large-scale deployment and centralized management. It also provides multiple layers of protection, MDM (Mobile Device Management) endpoint management, and operating system/browser version control functions, helping users work more efficiently, more securely.

Seamless collaboration for everyone

Chromebook features easy-to-use interface and affordable prices. It can be easily deployed over the cloud, and seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace’s Essentials and Google Workspace for Education, allowing users to get into “work mode” right after turning on the computer.

Integrates numerous Google Workspace features to meet all your office and education needs

Chromebook users can collaborate over tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides to easily collaborate with other team members and achieve goals. Users can easily view the schedules of colleagues , which greatly shortens the time spent on repeated confirmation and coordination when arranging calls and meetings.

Google Meet, a must-have for online meetings, has an array of interactive features. Hand raise, breakout rooms, polls, all these features can create a more realistic and immersive experience for online activities. Google Chat makes collaboration and communication easier with functions such as real-time one-on-one conversations and group text communications. It also allows attaching of files from your local device or sharing of files from the cloud in Google Chat messages. So, when voice calls or video are inconvenient, you can still quickly convey needs and solve problems.

No Internet? No worries! Continue with your work uninterrupted, even when your Chromebook is disconnected

Even in an environment without WiFi, users can continue to view and edit recently opened Google documents, spreadsheets, and slides offline through Chromebook. Users no longer have to worry about interruptions when on travel or commute.

With one-click remote setting of multiple devices, deployment speed is increased by about 93%, all without bothering IT personnel

Chromebook speeds up device deployment by nearly 93% and saves IT administrators more than 68% on time managing devices.
IT admins can easily manage and set Chromebook device policies from a single console. As many as 1,000 devices can be configured remotely with one click, which is perfect for enterprises and schools, which need large-scale deployment and centralized management. It also provides multiple layers of protection, MDM (Mobile Device Management) endpoint management, and operating system/browser version control functions, allowing users to work efficiently and under the precondition of information security.

No additional anti-virus software necessary! With multiple layers of protection, Chromebook security is worry-free

Built-in multi-layer security settings automatically protect Chromebooks from malware. Every Chromebook also includes a built-in security chip that can encrypt your most sensitive data and keep it from prying eyes. Chrome OS releases a full OS update every 6 weeks; and minor updates are released every 2 to 3 weeks with security fixes and software updates, allowing you to focus on the task at hand and teach or work in a safer way.

Google Workspace Chromebook Chrome OS

Customized service, Instant support

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