What is Microfusion’s Next Gen Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Many enterprises looking to take the first step in their digital transformation are often stymied by how different cloud environments are compared to their internal deployment environment, the lack of operational experience, and technical bottlenecks. Microfusion’s professional cloud management team offers 24×7 support service, systematic and stable cloud computing, security, networks, backup, and applications to help enterprises solve every cloud management issue.

5 Major Advantages of Microfusion’s Hosting Service

  1. Reduced costs

    Microfusion’s management team can reduce the labor costs of hiring and training an IT team and cloud specialists required for migrating to and managing cloud environments.

  2. Professional technical team

    IT technology is ever-changing, especially in the field of cloud-related technologies. Microfusion’s team includes multiple AWS certified architects to offer cloud technologies related to operations. Customers’ issues are addressed with real-time, precise solutions.

  3. Cloud integration service

    Microfusion offers systems integration services that utilize the standard ITIL management procedure system to consolidate work orders, monitoring, and operations; the utilization of our partner New Relic’s monitoring system offers comprehensive monitoring of operations.

  4. DevOps automation

    Microfusion’s integrated AWS services offer an automated and continuous integration and delivery system for customers to enjoy high quality and efficient DevOps models that can achieve greater value and competitiveness.

Microfusion’s Hosting Services Create Value for our Customers

Microfusion is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with an abundance of experience in the fields of cloud infrastructure and application migration, not to mention an AWS Managed Service Provider (AWS MSP). We are capable of monitoring environments, providing automated management, and regularly identifying customer insights through monitoring and work orders to provide customers with continuous value.

Microfusion is the Top Choice for Hosting Partner

Customers can focus on core businesses:

Microfusion can assist customers with accounting issues, technical support, and operational emergencies so that their IT workers can focus on the company’s core services.

Assist customers with building cloud knowledge

Microfusion provides documentation for activating enterprise services. Customers need only follow their instructions to gain knowledge of the cloud through practical hands-on experience.

Guidance for AWS services

We eliminate the need for long-term research into AWS services. Microfusion provides the latest technical support and architecture recommendations that meet your requirements.