Tencent Cloud 快速穩定的即時影音直播

Stable, high-speed, and scalable for all use cases

Live broadcasting requires a lot of technical support for audio and video processing, which poses a huge technical challenge for enterprises at all levels. . Tencent Cloud Streaming provides users with professional, stable, and fast live broadcast access and distribution services with low latency, high security, high performance, easy access, multi-terminal, and multi-bitrate support.

Tencent Cloud is also known for its capability to host large website traffic; and works along with the provision of mobile SDK and cloud guide services.

Better your live broadcasts with Tencent Cloud Streaming Services

Live broadcasts are vastly used in various applications and industries as it is a great way for vendors to engage with potential users and customers. Whether it is for learning, shopping, or gaming, live broadcast has become a great channel for businesses to share their values and promote their products and services.

Microfusion helps you deliver better streaming experiences with Tencent Cloud Streaming Services. Check out the following features of CSS and learn how you can resolve issues when hosting a live stream without spending too much costs on workforces.

High support of video formats

Cloud Streaming Services supports multiple live source access methods, such as RTMP streaming and HLS streaming. Provides RTMP push streaming SDK; supports a variety of terminal devices; meets the needs of a variety of scenarios; and supports customized development.

Live application scenarios

Tencent Cloud Streaming Servicescan meet needs for live broadcasting, such as ultra-low latency, ultra-high image quality, and hosting massive traffic. for games, competitions, e-commerce, media, education, and other live broadcast solutions.

Coverage of audiovisual node distribution

Thousands of acceleration nodes scattered all over the world to guarantee high service availability and media transmission speeds, even during peak traffic periods.

Broadcast data analysis

Real-time statistics on traffic, requests, visits, and other data, allowing you to control the quality of live push, playback issues, and provide detailed data.

Audiovisual AI Analysis

With machine learning-driven features such as screen capture and image recognition, CSS can analyse the live content in real-time.

Encrypted security control

Through adopting comprehensive protection such as anti-theft link, URL anti-theft, IP black and white listing, HTTPS security acceleration, it can realize complete detection and protection, prevent stream piracy, and provide professional digital rights management (DRM) solutions to fully protect your live broadcast.

Audio-visual ecosystem

Mobile live SDK, IM, cloud-on-demand, and Tencent Video on Demand support customized development to realize live broadcast rooms with microphones, live recording, and special aesthetic effects for the customer.

Live video switching

The use of the cloud director platform can help achieve switching of live sources on the cloud, mixed broadcast on multiple screens; and it supports functions such as custom screen layout and synchronized switching of audio and video.

How it Works

Through Cloud Streaming Services solution, live broadcast operations can be performed more effectively. Supporting various streaming methods, users can watch live broadcasts on multiple platforms while enjoying features such as real-time video storage, editing, and transcoding.

Tencent Cloud Cloud Streaming Service Architecture