the Top Choice for Intelligent Business Analytics Tools

Business intelligence integrates business analytics, data extraction, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and various optimal practices to help organizations make data-based decisions. Tableau is a visualization analytics platform created to provide enterprises with data-based solutions. Data visualization and analytics are performed within controlled environments to help staff members and organizations fully express the value of data and gain insights to conduct business decisions.

4 Advantages of Tableau Visualization Analytics Tool

Tableau helps convert data into analytics with which a company can base their actions. A few simple clicks of the mouse can build a dashboard to execute data analytics, allowing you to easily share results and utilize impactful data. The 4 major advantages of Tableau:

  • Quickly analyze large amounts of data

    Tableau utilizes a high-performance engine known as Hyper, which is capable of expanding 10 billion data across 6 columns within 10 seconds; it can link and visualize your data within minutes and is faster than current solutions on the market by 10 to 100-fold!

  • Computer graphics functionality

    Actions taken on Tableau will be converted in real-time to the SQL query language to identify various background data sources. For instance, Tableau will automatically start using the SQL language if the data is stored in an SQL server to reduce the workload for staff members.

  • Interactive interface created for users

    The intelligent dashboard can integrate various types of visualized data to offer much more detailed insights; the intuitive interface is easy to learn for staff members from any department.

  • Share data quickly and securely

    Enterprises can easily set and manage permissions, track and manage the use of data, and share data with team members in an environment with guaranteed data security. The agile utilization of data analytics can help in the decision-making of enterprises.

Tableau Applies Data in the Most Intuitive Method

Data visualization provides both global enterprises and startups benefits in decision-making. Tableau, the best choice for BI software, offers comprehensive service plans for data analytics:

1. Self-service data preparation – Tableau Prep Builder

Tableau can be used to directly compute, publish, and preview over 50 types of data sources including documents, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and databases. An enterprise’s staff members can use intuitive drag and drop to link, combine, transpose, and scrub data; the 3-layered data dashboard clearly displays the full picture of data.

2. Self-service visual analytics – Tableau Desktop:

Tableau is a visual analytics tool suitable for individuals of all skill levels, allowing them to create visual graphs by drag and drop and a few mouse clicks. Whenever an action is executed, the results are displayed immediately without impacting actual data; as such, personnel other than data engineers can also freely analyze data for faster data preparation. Visual analytics can be utilized to propose new questions, discover trends, identify opportunities, and formulate data-driven decisions.

3. Self-service sharing platform – Tableau Server/Online:

This function is suitable for sharing data amongst team members in Tableau as the platform allows for ease of deployment, expansion, and monitoring. Whether your data is deployed internally or in the cloud, Tableau Server can flexibly integrate the basic structure of existing data to easily track and manage content, users, authorizations, and performance.