NetAPP 宏庭科技


NetApp is a leader in hybrid cloud data and offers a series of hybrid cloud data services that simplifies all procedures for applications and data management in the cloud and on premises environments; data security is guaranteed to assist you by accelerating digital transformations.

3 Advantages of NetApp

Simple data transfer

Depending on your business’s data requirements, you can utilize a single, intuitive management interface to freely store data to on-premise NetApp and copy your data to 3 major public clouds!

Disaster recovery

The use of on premise NetApp products allows the option of an affordable public cloud as your data backup center and ensures data availability!

Save on cloud storage costs

Have you noticed the consistently high prices of native cloud storage? Try out 3 major public cloud storage products supported by NetApp. The advanced data reduction and layering technologies help you save unnecessary costs!

NetApp Services

  • Cloud data management and storage
  • Building hybrid cloud architecture
  • Data storage
  • Enterprise applications
  • Data protection and management

Jumpstart your cloud journey

Microfusion’s certified architects and teams with domestic and international experience provide enterprises with professional, diverse, and global cloud solutions and managed services. We work with NetApp to simplify the process of deploying on-premise and cloud environments, ensure your data security, and provide you with one-stop cloud solutions.


Microfusion offers you the most comprehensive one-stop technology consulting service for your hybrid cloud.


Our technical teams gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements and pain points to assist in optimizing and building modern infrastructure.


Techincal support from NetApp.