Building an automatic and efficient container and microservices

Google’s containerized microservices are managed Kubernetes services that can help enterprises build automated processes and efficiently manage containerized applications. Kubernetes allows users to develop, quickly deploy, and maintain microservice architecture in containers; it automatically adjusts resource allocation according to needs, and regularly checks and automatically repairs nodes to improve operational reliability and operational efficiency.

Use containerized microservices to enhance team flexibility and accelerate operations deployment

Companies need to make timely adaptations to the market and the overall environment. Therefore, flexibility and innovation capabilities are the key to corporate competitiveness. Containerized microservices can help companies accelerate their deployment operations, boost flexibility, and nurture innovation. Containers provide developers and IT operations teams with lighter work units. You can run microservices and host, schedule, and deploy containers on platforms such as Google Kubernetes Engine.

Automate daily operations to improve the reliability of your basic environment

Kubernetes has a variety of built-in commands for application management tasks, helping enterprises automate daily operations and ensuring that applications proceed as expected. As a result, it allows developers to focus on the application itself instead of worrying about the basic environment.

Accelerate the application development cycle while taking security into account

Microfusion can help customers use Kubernetes’ native Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) software update tools to help companies protect their data, speed up the application development cycle and innovation, and accelerate the introduction of new features.

Deploy applications through Kubernetes in any environment

Kubernetes can be executed anywhere, be it cross-premises, cloud deployment, or hybrid deployment.

A trusted partner to provide you with the optimal solution

The members of the Microfusion cloud architects team are all certified and can provide enterprises with professional tech support to improve their deployment efficiency and innovation capabilities. Microfusion also has a wealth of industry experience. Wecan build the optimal GCP solution for you, as well as providing comprehensive education, training, and consulting.