Cloud Billing 帳務服務

Have more control over your costs on cloud applications

Are you worried about abnormal cloud traffic driving costs out of control? Microfusion can help enterprises set budgets for billing accounts, track cloud usage and costs, help you plan projects and control costs in real-time.

Effectively track details on cloud usage and costs

By setting up Cloud Identity and Access Management (Cloud IAM), you can easily control the access levels of users to view costs for specific resources. Project budgets can also be adjusted at any time in accordance with the policy and strategy. Microfusion also provides detailed consulting and training workshops to help teams monitor the usage and billing of cloud services.

Grant or restrict access levels for Cloud Billing

By setting up a Cloud IAM at the organization level, billing account level, and/or project level, you can grant or restrict access levels to GCP Cloud Billing. Set Cloud IAM for the organization level, which can be directly applied to all billing accounts, projects, and resources in the organization. It can also clearly define the access levels of IT and Finance teams.

Track all cloud usage and costs incurred

You can check usage per project on the dashboard at any time. Users can get a comprehensive view of all data on the dashboard, with toolkits such as data visualization, users can also filter data by projects, SKU, and dates, and bills analysis. Google Cloud Platform billing accounts can be linked to one or more projects, and a statement is generated every month with records of total usage and billing for that month.

Set up billing notifications to send reminders when the budget exceeds the specified threshold

You can set a number of different budget percentages on the cloud backend (for example: 50%, 70%, 100%), or you can directly specify the budget. When the budget is about to exceed the threshold, the system will send a notification reminder.

Your choice of payment method and currency value

You may pay via -prepayment, credit card remittance. You may also choose the payment currency, and Microfusion will assist in issuing invoices in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) or a foreign currency.

Use helpdesk to get help from Microfusion, whenever you need

You may contact us via helpdesk and our cloud experts will get to you right the way.