AWS Cloud Migration Services

As there are myriad issues that can arise in enterprise cloud services, Nextlink is capable of providing customers with early, middle, and late phase migration services based on the internationally recognized 7R optimization process. The safest, most systematic migration plan is implemented after establishing a strategy, verifying the concept, and designing relevant architectures.

High Performance Cloud Migration with 7R Cloud Migration Strategy

The 7R cloud migration strategy evaluates an enterprise’s cloud migration process to determine how to conduct server transfers, build new cloud services, or whether it’s necessary to purchase new software licenses and discard unused systems. As such, the 7R cloud migration strategy can assist enterprises with efficient migration to the cloud.

Use AWS CloudEndure for Free Enterprise Cloud Migration

AWS offers CloudEndure migration, a highly automated cloud migration solution, for free. It can assist enterprises with migrating existing cloud architectures to AWS, whether  physical, virtual, or other types of architecture. Once an enterprise is on the cloud, they can save on costs for purchasing servers while enjoying the benefits and convenience of the cloud.

Microfusion’s Cloud Migration Service Strategy

Microfusion is deeply aware of the challenges associated with enterprises not having professionals to assist with planning prior to cloud migration; therefore, Microfusion’s professional architects will provide support services by helping enterprises plan comprehensive procedures before migrating to the cloud.

Before Migration

Pre-cloud Training
Bilateral Work Conferences
Conduct System Evaluation
Establish Migration Strategy


Design Cloud Architecture
Select Migration Tool
Disaster Recovery & Backup
Establish Proof of Concept (PoC)

After Migration

Cloud Maintenance & Management
Provide Comprehensive Monitoring