With malicious attacks prevented, enterprises can go on the cloud with peace of mind

Migration of corporate data to the cloud is a current trend. In addition to reducing operating costs, migration is also an important milestone in digital transformation. But ensuring the security of data is still the highest priority. As malicious attacks on the Internet continue to innovate, Microfusion provides world-class GCP cloud data security solutions that can protect your sensitive enterprise data, prevent malware attacks and threats, and let your enterprise embrace the cloud with peace of mind!

Microfusion helps companies fend off data security threats

Enterprises often encounter malicious attacks and extortion attempts. As a Premier Partner of Google Cloud (the highest-level partner type), Microfusion has professional architect and maintenance teams that can build common cloud data security solutions for enterprises to protect their data from threats.

Cloud Armor

Web Application Firewall (WAF) security protection can effectively block L7 attacks. Its preset rules help block Cross Site Scripting (XSS) software attacks and SQL injection (SQLi), as well as other threats, providing an effective layer of information security defense measures for websites or applications. With GCP’s free enterprise-level defense against DDoS attacks, L3 and L4 attack traffic can be dispersed, and optimal defense can be achieved when combined with Cloud Armor.

Security Command Center

A security and risk management platform suitable for Google Cloud that provides enterprises with a convenient and centralized platform for viewing data and performing controls. It allows you to see, at a glance, the number of projects, resources that have already been deployed, as well as other assets, and quickly find incorrect settings and security vulnerabilities through reports.

reCAPTCHA Enterprise

Helps enterprise websites prevent fraudulent activities, spam, and abuse. Extra granular scores and reason codes for high-risk scores can be tailored to the unique needs of the website. Its adaptive risk analysis engine and other enhanced detection functions can be fine-tuned to help companies minimize the harm caused by fraud.


A zero-trust security platform that transfers access control from network boundaries to individual users and personal devices. It allows employees to access the company’s internal resources securely without needing to go through a traditional VPN.


The ultimate comprehensive data security solution

In addition to our world-class GCP cloud data security solutions, we can also build the information security product your enterprise needs. All our cloud architects are certified to deliver the highest quality of services. Our team can provide complete consultation, cloud deployment, and education and training for your enterprise, to help you more inclusively protect your sensitive data.