Duet AI for Google Workspace is Officially Open for Use!

The highly anticipated Google Workspace’s latest service tool – Duet AI for Google Workspace – is now officially available for order!

To help everyone become more familiar with Duet AI for Google Workspace, Microfusion will review the various features of Duet AI once again, allowing us to delve into the advantages and application trends of this latest collaboration tool together!

What is Duet AI? Exploring the Five Key Features of Duet AI for Google Workspace

Duet AI for Google Cloud leverages Google’s state-of-the-art generative AI models and supports commonly used applications and services such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and more. It is an AI collaboration tool that assists users in intelligent writing and automatic content generation. This collaborative service helps users in text composition, content organization, creating visual content, speeding up workflows, or enhancing richer meeting experiences, providing powerful intelligent work patterns.

Below, we will summarize the five key features of Duet AI for Google Workspace for you:

  • Duet AI for Gmail – Gmail Helps Me Write: Whether you want to compose a brand new email message, edit existing email content, or adjust the tone of your text, Duet AI can assist you effortlessly! Users only need to provide a few prompts, and Duet AI can quickly draft complete email content based on the input prompts. This service has now expanded to support Gmail mobile versions (compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices).
  • Duet AI for Google Docs – Google Docs Helps Me Write: In the new writing assistance service within Google Docs, Duet AI offers timely support for teams, helping members stay focused and collaborate on documents efficiently, thereby saving a lot of operational time. For example, when a user is writing a job description, Duet AI not only assists in composing job content but can also automatically insert detailed information variables (such as company name) that other users may want to customize, shortening the time required from conceptualization to completion of the writing process, all without leaving the document page.

  • Duet AI for Google Sheet – Google Sheet Helps Me Organize: Duet AI can utilize automated data categorization and custom template creation features to interpret the context of data within cells and assign labels. This assists teams in saving valuable time and reducing manual work while creating clear and visually appealing analytical data. Additionally, the “Help Me Organize” feature can automatically create custom plans to assist you in tracking or managing tasks, projects, or any activities. Users simply need to describe the tasks they want to accomplish, and Google Sheets will generate a plan, allowing users to start on the right foot and develop well-organized plans.
  • Duet AI for Google Slides – Google Slides Helps Me Visualize: Users only need to inform Duet AI of their desired design elements (such as photo styles, illustrations, or computer technology), and the AI system can design exquisite and completely original design materials. This not only saves time on graphic design but also alleviates concerns about copyright issues, making it easy to convey your aesthetic preferences.
  • Duet AI for Google Meet – Google Meet Takes Notes for Me: Duet AI can assist in generating meeting notes, next steps, meeting highlights, and can translate content into 18 languages. It can also send meeting notes to all participants after the meeting ends. Users can even use the “Attend for me” feature, allowing Duet AI to represent them in meetings and assist in automatically organizing post-meeting content, ensuring users don’t miss any meeting discussions.

Is my Google Workspace plan eligible for Duet AI service activation?

Currently, users with the following Google Workspace plans can enable Duet AI functionality for a fee:

  • Business Standard, Business Plus
  • Frontline Starter, Frontline Standard
  • Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Essentials Plus
  • Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus

Please note:

  1. Duet AI currently only supports English. Users need to switch their Workspace user interface to English to use it.
  2. Except for “Help me write” in Gmail, which can be used on the mobile Gmail app, all other Duet AI features require the use of a web browser.

Can I experience or trial the Duet AI service for free?

If you’re a Google Workspace user in the process of evaluating Duet AI’s capabilities or simply interested in giving this service a test run, you can either submit a free trial request directly to Google or contact us for additional guidance and recommendations.

Order Google Workspace Duet AI now and enjoy a limited-time early bird offer!

From now until September 30, 2023, users who place an order and activate the Duet service with Microfusion can enjoy a 20% discount on the early bird offer. Contact Microfusion today to activate Duet AI functionality and enjoy comprehensive collaboration services!