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Welcome to the Gemini revolution in collaboration! Elevate your Google Workspace experience with Google’s powerful AI application designed to seamlessly bring your best ideas to life.

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What can Gemini do?

Google Workspace was created for real-time collaboration with others. Now, it collaborates with generative AI across all Workspace apps, enhancing writing, organization, visualization, workflow acceleration, meetings, and more. Here are some accelerations Gemini can provide for you:

Help me write

In Google Docs and Gmail, you can use Gemini for Google Workspace to help write and refine business documents and emails.

1. Google Docs: Ask Gemini to draft a blog post or project plan.
2. Google Docs: Use Proofread to check your grammar and spelling or get stylistic suggestions.
3. Gmail: Write a customer outreach email based on a product announcement.

Using Gemini to draft an email

Help me design

Use Gemini in Google Slides to create custom images. Enter a prompt to describe the image you want. Gemini will generate options that you can add to your slide.

Using Gemini to create an image

Help me organize

In Google Sheets, you can use Gemini for Google Workspace to organize and process your spreadsheet data.

1. Gemini can help you organize projects or events, such as a task tracker or conference agenda. Enter a prompt describing what you want to organize. Gemini will suggest a custom table with placeholder data that you can insert in your spreadsheet.
2. Make manual text processing tasks easier. Gemini automatically detects incomplete column pairs and predicts remaining values. It can finish filling out a feedback categorization column based on existing data.

Using Gemini to fill out your sheet

Help me connect

With Gemini for Google Workspace in Google Meet:

1. Create custom background images. For example, ask Gemini to create an illustration of a magical forest.
2. Use studio look to turn a low-quality image into studio quality by fixing issues caused by low light or low-quality webcams.

Create your custom background from the Meet greenroom

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