The global pandemic has brought unforeseeable consequences to travel and catering industries, forcing businesses to initiate digital transformation to cope with the challenges. Pirata Group, one of the largest restaurants in Hong Kong, has successfully adopted Google Workspace to scale up their level of digitalization and extend their business opportunities with the help from Microfusion..

Microfusion leads Pirata Group to the smoother road to digital transformation
Pirata Group first opened its restaurant in 2014. Now a corporation with 15 restaurants, including Pirata, The Optimist, Pici, The Pizza Project, and the recently-opened Pane e Latte, Pirata restaurants are popular dining places endeavored by restaurant goers in Hong Kong.

Pirata Group needed assistance from cloud solution providers when it first started the transformation to Google Workspace. Microfusion, as the Premier Service Partner of Google Cloud Platform, joined the project in the early stage to help Pirata Group with the assessment works and provide technical consulting on all aspects of migrating to Google Workspace.

Microfusion has years of experience in introducing Google Workspace for different industries, and we provide one-stop solution to help customers at different stages of cloud adoption. When Microfusion joined the project, we had to complete the tasks within a limited time. In order to prevent service down time and impacts to restaurant operations, Microfusion completed the domain validation, MX records configuration and email migration of 10 domains in just one week. Implementing Google Workspace enabled a higher efficiency for all employees.

One-stop, Cloud-based Platform for work and catering businesses
According to Gerald Ho, Director of Microfusion (HK) Technology, Pirata Group is already an advocate of office apps and applications before they adopt Google Workspace. However, Pirata Group lacked a seamless and integrated platform where all applications, such as storage, emails, and office software can work as one. This posed a huge challenge on management for Pirata Group. Also, the email servers that Pirata Group used were unstable and did not have enough capacity to handle all operations.

Microfusion suggested Pirata Group to set the short, mid, and long-term goals of digital transformation. By using Google Workspace, all applications can be integrated onto a single platform. For IT admins, they can easily manage everything on the console, and get a transparent view of all the assets, data, and users. On top of that, Google Workspace provides the highest level of security to ensure that your assets and data are fully protected.

Pirata Group aims to deliver extraordinary and memorable experiences for all customers. A great dining experience comes from seamless collaboration of all personnel at Pirata Group, and this is achieved with the adoption of Google Workspace.