What Is Cloud Hosting/Cloud Hosting Services?

Cloud Managed Service (CMS), also known as cloud hosting, is an operational model where professional cloud service providers manage the operations on behalf of businesses. It assists in managing day-to-day infrastructure and provides continuous cost optimization and performance improvement recommendations. With the help of a professional IT team, businesses can handle incidents in the cloud environment and provide different levels of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on the urgency. In the cloud environment, monitoring services oversee virtual machines’ (VM) CPU, memory, networking rules, and more. Monitoring services can also extend to resource efficiency and usage across all cloud environments, ensuring that resources and applications within the environment operate smoothly.

In addition, the ‘technical support’ in cloud managed services will provide customers with advanced cloud technology consultation. Through the expertise of a Technical Account Manager (TAM), cloud architectures are streamlined for ease of management and optimized to reduce costs in the cloud environment. During the service period of cloud hosting, businesses can also receive regular maintenance service reports, gaining insights into the current operational status of the cloud environment.


Why Do Business Need Cloud Hosting? Understanding Common IT Pain Points

  • Additional Labor Costs After Cloud Adoption

Enterprises inevitably need to hire additional manpower to manage cloud resources or provide extensive training to internal IT personnel for cloud operation-related skills, leading to many additional costs after transitioning to the cloud.

  • Discrepancy Between On-Premises and Cloud Operation Models

Many companies newly adopting cloud technology struggle to grasp cloud operation models quickly, leading to misconfiguration of cloud resources and insufficient supervision, resulting in risks such as data leakage and unauthorized access due to inadequate environment control.

  • Managing Complex Cloud Systems

The diverse nature of cloud systems leaves enterprises unfamiliar with how to integrate complex resources within the cloud environment. If companies employ multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategies, significant resources are required to manage different cloud networks, applications, and data, leading to potential security vulnerabilities and exposing information security to risks.

  • Inability to Continuously Optimize Overall Cloud Resources

Apart from focusing on their core services, enterprises need to maintain daily cloud operations. In situations where skilled personnel are lacking, productivity is difficult to enhance, and effectively optimizing overall cloud resources becomes challenging. Consequently, after transitioning, businesses often fail to truly enjoy the high flexibility and cost advantages offered by the cloud.


Differences Between Cloud Hosting/Cloud Hosting Services and Traditional Hosting

Traditional Hosting Services: Enterprises place server equipment in IDC data centers for outsourced management, protecting the systems from power outages, overheating, and natural disasters. Through hosting services, businesses can save expenses related to data center setup, fiber optic network applications, and equipment maintenance and operations.

Cloud Hosting/Cloud Hosting Services: Centralizing servers on the internet, managed by cloud hosts, for applications or websites. Billing is based on usage, catering to various scale requirements. There is no need for hardware expansion when scaling resources in the future, facilitating global business expansion for enterprises.


Microfusion Cloud Managed Service (CMS): Five Key Advantages

Microfusion offers comprehensive Cloud Managed Service (CMS) solutions to plan your cloud architecture. We assist clients in building or migrating to the cloud through project-based collaboration and provide ongoing operational management. Our holistic one-stop service allows you to focus on core business development without worrying about cloud technology or subsequent operational manpower issues.

  1. Cost Optimization: We utilize ITIL framework-designed management processes, integrating work orders, monitoring, and operations. We also leverage monitoring services from our partner, New Relic, to provide multi-cloud integrated operational monitoring.
  2. Integrated Service System: Our professional team offers optimization suggestions on architecture and specifications, enabling clients to effectively save costs during the digital transformation process.
  3. Expert Technical Team: Our 24/7 operational team ensures stability and systematic management, maintaining operational stability and availability, reducing IT operational burdens.
  4. DevOps: Our operational team incorporates DevOps-related technologies, continuously implementing AIOPS and SecOps, allowing clients to focus on developing their own services with peace of mind.
  5. Multi-Cloud Managed Services: Our cloud hosting/operational team provides multi-cloud management services, serving clients from major public clouds.

Microfusion CMS: All-Round Service

24/7 Monitoring Service: Our professional technical team provides uninterrupted 24/7 management and monitoring. We resolve technical issues related to cloud environments based on Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Operational Services: We handle environment changes, incidents, permission management, system versions, and backup and restore management for services operated by clients in the cloud. This ensures clients can use cloud environments with greater peace of mind.

Monitoring Services: The BoHong Cloud Hosting team monitors the performance and availability of cloud infrastructure. We customize alert mechanisms according to client needs, promptly observing the health status of client cloud environment resources to ensure uninterrupted service operation.

Advanced Technical Support: In addition to common systems or application technology support like Apache, designated professional technicians hold monthly or quarterly resource performance evaluation and analysis meetings with clients, offering resource optimization suggestions.

Value-Added Services for Clients: We provide diverse value-added services tailored to client needs, including cloud service education and training, cybersecurity solutions, and disaster recovery consulting services.


Microfusion CMS: Solution Plans Comparison

Standard Business Enterprise
Target Audience Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and clients with relatively simple cloud environments Suitable for application service developers, small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises Suitable for government agencies, large enterprises, and clients with complex cloud environments
Basic Services V V V
Operational Services V V V
Infrastructure Monitoring V V V
Advanced Monitoring Services X V V
Application Performance Monitoring X X V
Technical Account Manager X X V
Quarterly/Monthly Business Review X Quarterly Monthly
Incident Response Time
  • Serious Incidents: Within 1 hour
  • Major Events: Within 4 hours
  • Moderate Incidents: Within 12 hours
  • General Incidents: Within 48 hours
  • Serious Incidents: Within 30 minutes
  • Major Events: Within 1 hours
  • Moderate Incidents: Within 8 hours
  • General Incidents: Within 36 hours
  • Serious Incidents: Within 15 minutes
  • Major Events: Within 30 minutes
  • Moderate Incidents: Within 8 hours
  • General Incidents: Within 24 hours
Service Price Public cloud usage fee: 20% with minimum monthly fee.
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Public cloud usage fee: 30% with minimum monthly fee.

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Public cloud usage fee: 40% with minimum monthly fee.

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Explore Cloud Hosting with Microfusion: Rapid Deployment and Efficient Management

Microfusion offers comprehensive infrastructure assessment, education, and solutions for businesses. Our architects and operational teams hold professional certifications from Google Cloud, enabling swift deployment and efficient management. Our expert team provides 24/7 technical support and implements automated solutions, aiding businesses in continuous digital transformation. Let us handle it, allowing your enterprise to focus on its core services, truly embracing the convenience and cost flexibility of cloud technology. Fill out our contact form to have a dedicated consultant assist you!